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About Emergency Preparedness Products

Back in 1980, two young brothers, Gary and Peter Kalaydjian started Recon-1, a retail camping/outdoor store in the quiet neighborhood of Tarzana, a suburb of L.A. It was founded on the principles of hard work, honesty, quality and the notion that a person was only as good as his or her word. These principles served the company well as it flourished and are still a part of our company culture to this day.

A few years later the idea of wholesaling was suggested by the boy's father Kevork Kalaydjian. Looking for a niche with the family's sewing background, they began to manufacture knife sheathes and pouches. The idea of wholesaling quickly became a reality and soon outgrew the retail operations.

After purchasing their first building on Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, CA, they were looking for more ventures. Then in 1994 came the Northridge Earthquake. Having to search for and negotiate with many different suppliers for immediate product sparked the idea of starting a wholesale, manufacturing/distributing operation that would bring all preparedness supplies under one roof. Creating a "one-stop shop" for any merchant in need of such supplies gave birth to Emergency Preparedness Products, Inc.

No longer in retailing, E.P.P. has grown by leaps and bounds becoming a leading manufacturer and importer of products for the outdoor recreation and safety markets. Through a philosophy of product innovation and acquisition, E.P.P. had undergone multiple expansions, recently relocating to a new state of the art warehouse in Camarillo, CA.

In 2007, E.P.P. acquired Professional Cutlery Services, aka Pro-Cut. Also, a family owned company with the same pure ethics we practice. Pro-Cut specializes in wholesaling quality outdoor accessories. This addition to our family of products compliments our overall selection.

Although E.P.P. and Pro-Cut products can be found at retail giants, the company has kept its belief in a warm, person touch and is proud of its reputation as "a good place to do business".

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